Elder Scrolls Online's MORROWIND PC Upgrade Provides Early Access Tomorrow

ESO Morrowind upgrade

For those of you who just cannot wait for the release of ESO Morrowind on 6 June 2017, you're in luck. That is, if you're aiming for the PC version. Early access keys have been released for the Morrowind PC upgrade, and you can obtain this at a discount if you would like the early access becoming available tomorrow.

You can pre-order it now already though. If you own ESO already and have already pre-ordered Morrowind on PC, you can start accessing some content already while waiting for tomorrow's early access. If you are hungry to get your hands on the upgrade, here are some listings with discounted rates. Don't worry, you will still have early access if you purchase it from these stores.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind: Upgrade Deals (list price $40)

The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind Collector's Edition Upgrade Deals (list price $60)

There's no news yet if early access and discounts will become available for console gamers like myself. The discounts will be valid until 5 June, the day before the release, but note that the keys were made for non-Steam users. However, your Steam account can be linked:

If you had previously purchased The Elder Scrolls Online on Steam and want to link your Steam account to your ESO account, you can do so by launching the game from Steam. However, if your version of the game was not purchased through Steam, you will not be able to link your Steam account to your existing ESO account without purchasing a new copy of the game on the Steam platform first.

Let us know if you get early access and give us some feedback. In the meantime, here's a reminder of what's to come.

Source: Destructoid; Elder Scrolls Online Support

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