ELEAGUE Announces OVERWATCH Tourney With Televised Final

Now that it's CS:GO tournament is coming to a close, ELeague has announced they will be hosting an Overwatch tourney on Faceit and TBS. The tournament will be composed of around 30 or so American and European teams with a bulk of the tourney taking place on Faceit, and the final happening live on TBS for a $300,000 prize pool.

No date for sure when the finals are happening, but the playoffs are estimated to be around late August.

Personally, I wish that the entire tourney was on TBS again like CS:GO and think TBS is making a huge mistake in not televising a majority of this tournament. Most of us know little to nothing about the competitive world of Overwatch, and it would be cool to see that develop and see the strategies these up and coming teams are working on.

Of course, I would also like to see the inclusion of Asian teams, but I'm sure with the current VISA issues many esports organizations are having they're better off sticking to Europe when it comes to outside North America.

Are you excited for a big money Overwatch tournament?