Empoleon Kicks Some Ass As He Surfs Into Arcade Version Of POKKEN TOURNAMENT

Empoleon is kicking some major ass in his debut trailer in Pokken Tournament. The Generation 4 final evolution starter can be seen in the trailer below laying the smackdown on all who oppose him. He definitely looks to be a force to be reckoned with!

Like most of the newest fighters to the series, he still has yet to appear on the Wii-U version of the game, and at this point I'm beginning to wonder if Nintendo is holding out for a Switch launch of the game that will include all the characters. Nintendo doesn't have a history of doing that, but they also don't have a history of releasing a console with current gen standard of graphical capability so you never know. Personally, I'm hoping we see the arcade DLC characters make their way to Wii-U soon!