EndGameTV to return to Pennsylvania for The Gang Part 2


Last February, streaming organization EndGameTV held one of the most exciting regional-level Super Smash Bros. Melee tournaments of the year in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania: The Gang Hosts a Melee Tournament. With past and future top-100 players in double-digit attendance, the tournament was a satisfying beginning to the season for both viewers and attendees, who got to watch Alex “Captain Smuckers” Cottrell seize the trophy after making a reverse 3-0 comeback over Jack “Crush” Hoyt in loser’s finals and stomping the rising Marth main Zain “Zain” Naghmi in two consecutive 3-0 grand final sets.

In less than two months, EGtv will return to Swarthmore for the second iteration of the Gang series, The Gang Steals the Script. Scheduled for March 9, the one-day event will take place in the same venue as its predecessor—Swarthmore College’s Clothier Hall—and will be capped at 256 entrants.

Since the event’s March date was announced very recently, its list of attendees is currently somewhat sparse, but already includes big names such as Charlie “AbsentPage” McKinley and Tyler “lintgod” Auger, alongside several regional threats from the surrounding area. As last year’s event drew a wealth of top talent—beyond the aforementioned top-three, high-level players such as Anthony “Slox” Detres and James “Swedish Delight” Liu showed up for the event—it’s fair to assume that The Gang Steals the Script will see many more heavy-hitters register as the March 6 deadline approaches.

If you missed out on The Gang Hosts a Melee Tournament last year and want to get in on this year’s action, don’t hesitate to register for the event on smash.gg. If you live far away and still want to catch the event’s livestream, tune in to EGtv’s Twitch channel on March 9—you won’t be disappointed.