EON Has Announced A New Plug And Play N64 HDMI Adapter!


EON made a splash in the retro gaming scene when it released the EON GCHD and GCHD MK-II, a GameCube plug and play HDMI solution. Other HDMI mods for the GameCube had been available but the GCHD, and the later MK-II version, made it as simple as plugging in an adapter allowing many to experience clean lag free video output on modern displays from the 6th gen console. Now EON wants to make an even bigger splash by introducing a new HDMI plug and play solution for the Nintendo 64!

Video output on the N64 has always been a tricky beast. The console doesn’t output RGB by default. Instead, users who wanted to get the best picture quality possible out of the system needed to get a semi costly mod to enable the feature. While this has allowed for a great looking picture on a CRT, plugging the console directly to an HDTV still introduced lag and poor picture quality as the display try’s to upscale the image. A more expensive and harder to come by HDMI mod does exist for the most die-hard N64 fans that provides a clean and lag free experience. This HDMI mod still requires an internal modification so it won’t be as appealing as a simple plug and play solution.

Enter EON’s new Super 64 plug and play solution! The Super 64 will utilize the N64’s S-Video output and scale the image up to 480P, the lowest resolution most modern displays accept without scaling. Because the Super 64 will use S-Video, this means that no internal modification of the system is required for users of NTSC consoles. A new “Slick Mode” will also be included that will allow the Super 64 to smooth an image to reduce the amount of aliasing that is present. The Super 64 will be launching on July 22 for $149.99 with pre-orders available now at CastleMania Games!