EVE ONLINE Players Aim to Create the First Sci-Fi Non-Fiction Novel

With the rise in popularity for huge space exploration epics, it is hard to remember that there was one game doing all this and more that started back in 2003. EVE Online has been one of the single most successful MMO's to date and its success is due largely in part to the freedom players have to tell their own story inside of a massive universe.

In the summer of 2013 a huge multi-faction war between the TEST and the CFC, known as the Fountain War, broke out on EVE that cost millions of lives and reshaped the entire political construct of the game's universe. But what sets the event apart from any other major game changer in an MMO is that it was completely user generated. There were no scripted events that caused the players to spark all out war. No expansion released in order to add new maps that caused a fictional conflict. No team of Hollywood writers spun this story together. It was all players trying to turn the tides of war for their faction. There hasn't been a single online event like the Fountain War before or since.

Well now some of the game's most influential players are taking to Kickstarter to fund a novelization of the events of the Fountain War. This would make it the first ever non-fiction book about a large scale fictional war! There is something uniquely cool about that. The project by Mittani Media has netted popular war writer, Jeff Edwards (Dome City Blues, The Sea Warrior Files) to helm the writing of the book. The Kickstarter aims to raise $150,000 and ends on December 6th. Help be a part of gamer geek history and tell one of gaming's most unique stories.

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