EVER OASIS Unveiled as a Brand-New IP

Ever Oasis, Nintendo's latest IP reveal, is an action-adventure RPG developed by GREZZO for the Nintendo 3DS.

GREZZO was previously in charge of porting The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask to 3D, and Ever Oasis is being produced and directed by Koichi Ishii who directed Final Fantasy 1, 2, and 3, the Mana series, and is the creator of Chocobos, Moogles, and the well-known Final Fantasy job system. Which is why to no surprise the game gives off a very appealing and charming Legend of Zelda meets Final Fantasy vibe. 

Ever Oasis tells the story of Tethu, a chosen Seedling who's on a mission to find and rescue his brother who has been taken by the evil forces of Chaos. To do so, players will have to build a prosperous oasis by using the powers of the chosen one and with the help of a character named, Isuna who will be your partner. As the oasis grows and prospers with different kinds of Bloom Booths, or shops, you will attract tourists and characters from other tribes that will spend dewadems which can later be collected in order to continue growing the oasis, create new items, and to grow gear as well. 

The world of Ever Oasis is heavily inspired by Egyptian culture and mythology and takes place in a savage desert. As overlord of the oasis you will have to battle the Chaos in the desert to keep the peace, explore the desert, and forage for materials all over the place, including caves and dungeons full of puzzles and enemies possessed by the Chaos. The materials you collect can then be sold at the Bloom Booths of your oasis to obtain more dewadems and to grow stronger weapons. I keep saying grow your own weapons because you will be able to synthesize your own gear and equipment at your treehouse base of operations, and literally grow your weapons, which makes sense since you're some sort of plant-like civilization. 

Growing your oasis will present a variety of other benefits like attracting characters that will join your party and aid you in your exploration by providing unique skills and weapons. Battles with enemies will be in real-time and you'll be able to switch between party members to strategize and battle more effectively.  

Check out the gameplay video below to see Tethu in action: