Everything You Need To Know About OVERWATCH'S Upcoming Social Features

Developer Blizzard just revealed a few of the new social features that are heading to Overwatch soon which are, Endorsements and Looking For Group. The announcement was revealed via the latest Overwatch developer update where Blizzard explained each social function. 

Endorsements will give players the ability to recognize gameplay behaviors from members of their own team or players from the enemy team. Three categories of behavior such as Sportsmanship, Good Teammate, and Shot Caller will be available. Players who acquire a high endorsement level will be rewarded in-game but the game’s director, Jeff Kaplan did not share what specific rewards a high endorsement level will entail. 

The next feature, Looking for Group, will allow players to assemble a team according to specific preferences and skill level. Players will be able to put restrictions on roles within a group, which prevents players from playing outside their role. Several adjustments in a group were also made such as requiring every team member to have voice chat. Moreover, Looking For Group is not a matchmaking system. Instead, it will create a group that will allow other players to join or will show you a list of teams that you can play for. 

A few privacy tweaks such as allowing players to set their profiles as private, friends only, or public has been introduced in Overwatch. Besides the social features that are upcoming to Overwatch, Blizzard is also adding several changes in the Horizon Lunar Map. You can check out the full details of all the other changes in the developer’s update posted above. 

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