EVO 2019 – TEKKEN 7 Grand Finals

The two finalists from the Grand Finals play Tekken 7 on such a high level, that it will be hard to watch lower levels of competitive play from now on. South Korea’s Knee and Pakistan’s Arslan clashed once again at the highest level of tournament play, and it was an exciting showdown.

Arslan Ash has come out of nowhere to dominate the Tekken scene, and he’s undefeated against Knee, who has been considered the greatest Tekken player of all time up until now. The Pakistani player has shocked the esports world with his ascension.

Arslan’s rise to prominence is exciting, and Knee’s command of the game is—with one exception—unrivaled. But just as thrilling as those two stories is the gameplay between the two titans. The display of mastery is out of this world. It’s a ballet of blocks, feints, jabs, and counters. Arslan and Knee hit back and forth in a relentless battle of give and take. Any small mistake leads to a flurry of ripostes from the opponent.

It’s a stunning fight, well worth a watch.