Exciting Latest Updates Discussed on ELSWORD INSIDER Volume 2

Every now and again we get a special treat on the Elsword Youtube channel. They've been doing a nifty show called the Elsword Insider where they give us some insight into this delightful MMORPG. Just yesterday, Volume 2 was released, sharing with us the benefits of the latest update.

There is so much information to grab in this 5 minute video. In case you want a recap, here is what the latest update entails.

Secret Dungeon

First off, there is a new secret dungeon update. Who doesn't just love a secret dungeon? Well, you might have learnt to hate them if you've been playing Elsword. Originally, an attempt on a secret dungeon was a monumental task, often leading to multiple deaths and players rather leaving them alone. The difficulty has now been lowered, specifically for level 70 - 89 dungeons.


Luto Mode is also available for dungeons higher than level 90. This was done so that players that are basically the same level can end up in the same areas and thereby means they don't have to protect lower level players, or watch them die continuously. In summary, Lv. 70 ~ 89 players will be queued together unless a Lv.90+ character parties with lv.70 ~ 89 players.
And all Lv.90 + characters will be queued together.

Finally, the exchanging and upgrading mechanics for secret dungeon gear has changed. You won't need to go to a specific Village Blacksmith for Village specific Secret Dungeon Exchange or Upgrading requirements. You can now go to any Blacksmith in town. Upgrade costs are now lower for Normal Secret Dungeon Gear.


Heroic Dungeon

Heroic Dungeons have been simplified by only having 1 difficulty level now. If you've been setup with Secret Dungeon gear, running through a Heroic Dungeon will be a piece of cake. Well, at least easier. This new difficulty level will also yield Hell Difficulty Heroic Mode loot now. This loot has moved to the new lower difficulty level, which means you can pick up more epic gear now instead of the lower gear  that you previously just wanted to scrap.

Add's Energy Fusion Theory Dungeon

The daily quests received now for Add's Energy Fusion Theory Dungeon negates RNG. This means that players will always receive the same amount of energy shards, making for more fair gameplay. If you are lucky enough to get duplicate drops of Void-Type Weapons, you can actually dismantle them now for more shards.


Elrianode Dungeon

There is a new difficulty level for Story Mode, as many were complaining that reaching the end of the game was near impossible, especially if their gear wasn't sufficient. You can now play Debrian Laboratory & El Tower Defense Dungeons at a significantly lower difficulty. Penalties like Resurrection Limits have also been removed from the El Tower Defense Dungeon in Story Mode to make it easier to complete.

To further enhance this experience, players no longer need to complete the previous region's Epic Quest lines in order to start the Elrianode region Epic Quest lines. It is now easier for you to acquire the Elrianode Equipment from the Elrianode Epic Quest lines if that is your sole purpose there.


Lanox, Atlas, and Elysion

You will not need to complete these quest lines to start the Atlas Epic Quest line. Furthermore, you won't have to complete the Atlas Epic Quest line to start the Elysion Epic Quest Line. This means that you can now pick up these quests wherever you like. Also, all Elysion Dungeons will have their difficulty removed. 

Camilla's Skill Manual Quests

Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert Skill Manual Quests have been revamped. This means that players can now progress properly through the story while also completing Skill Manual Quests. You won't be stuck in a out-leveled region due to insufficient gear being dropped. 


Fever System

The Fever System has also been upgraded. You will not be forced to enter the 1 Bead "Awaken" status, sacking your desire to have the benefits of the preferred 3 Bead "Awaken" Status.


All in all, those are some hefty updates. We hope that the Elsword fans enjoy them. If you've been treated to these updates, please let us know if the change in experience has actually improved the gameplay. We'd really love to know how much of a difference it makes.