Exciting New Trailer And Gameplay Footage Emerge For LEGEND OF ZELDA: BREATH OF THE WILD

A flying bird ship is above Hyrule, the world is in ruin, and Zelda looks like she's going to fight?! There's a lot of interesting things in the newest trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that you should be excited about! Many are already speculating that this game is a prequel to Wind Waker and that the bird ship is piloted by the Rito race. If that's true then we should all know how this game is ending...with a giant flood. 

The most interesting thing in the trailer to me is the focus on Zelda. It seems like Nintendo is hinting heavily at her role in the game, and with rumors that there would be a female character a couple years back...I have to wonder if there will be sections of the game where you'll control Zelda. It was just very weird how they showed her clenching a fist and then immediately flashed her name after!

In addition to the new trailer, Nintendo also showcased a "Let's Play" of actual footage of BOTW and it may be even better than the trailer!

Enemies appear to be much more difficult than past games, and dying looks like it's gonna be a lot more common. Did you see how link rag dolled when he got hit?! I love it! 

There have been rumors that BOTW will miss the launch of the Switch, but Nintendo has yet to confirm that. Until then, we can only assume we will see this game in late March with the launch of the console.