Experience The Blind Action THE VALE Will Bring In These Short Demo Trailers

Stepping outside the usually boundaries that video games are known for, indie developers Falling Squirrel are trying something brand new with The Vale. Taking away all the visuals and aspects that players are used to using when fighting through various combat scenarios and leaving them with nothing more than sound to guide them, it is a strange concept that is sure to be hard to pull off.

To provide a sample of some of the different parts of the game players can expect to experience, they have provided a few short demo trailers that highlight a few key moments in their game. They were originally launched around the same time as their official announcement, but as the launch date of early 2020 gets closer, it is time to dive into a new experience.

First things first, you must learn to fight. Without this knowledge, you have no hope to defend yourself. See your Uncle and prepare for your first sword training session:

Now it is time for your first fight! Here’s a battle in the bandit attack demo:

Next lets take a calmer, but slightly troubling experience as we make our way through the Braga Village in this exploration demo:

A new enemy has arrived and you will once again have to face off with them. Check out a Raiders attack:

You can tell they have all the aspects needed to pull off a proper RPG title but without any visuals. It is certainly a strange choice to take with your game, but I am intrigued to see how they manage to pull it off. Hopefully, we will get to try out a demo or see the game launch in early access so that we can at least get a feel for what we have in store with this one. Until then, what do you think of this eyes-shut experience?