Facebook Is Collecting Oculus Users Data To Sell Them More Ads

In frustrating but not all that surprising news, Uploadvr is reporting Facebook is collecting users data again to sell them stuff. All Oculus users have a system called "OVRServer_x64.exe" which regularly updates Facebook on your apps, movements, and purchases and can never be shut off. The primary intention of the function is to ensure you make it to the Home screen on your Oculus, so attempting to remove it would likely be a bad idea.

Facebook says this is so they can better "market to you" but really it's just better marketing to their advertisers. I know Facebook does this on their own app, and I still use it. I can't complain because Facebook lets me use their app for FREE. If I paid $600+ dollars for an Oculus, I don't need to be sending you extra info on me so you can spam me with ads. End of story. Anyone else a little miffed about this?