FALLEN LEGION Announced for PS4

Fallen Legion is an action RPG coming from Acttil and YummyYummyTummy (gotta love that name) for the PS4. Fallen Legion's art style mixes traditional fantasy elements with a fast paced and combo-centric combat system, akin to something like Valkyrie Profile. From a purely stylistic point of view, I'm not completely enamored with it, but I do tend to dig these types of combat systems.

Since the plot involves a newly crowned heir attempting to rebuild and take back her kingdom on the front lines, the game will have you making some decisions on the fly, and in a timed manner. The trailer demonstrates this in between rounds, allowing you to choose different sorts of benefits for your party, but the press release also mentions how you must make split second decisions that affect your kingdom as a whole. If these decisions actually affect the flow of the storyline or the overall game in some manner, well that is even better. Get a closer look at the combat in the trailer below, and check out some additional screens as well. 

Fallen Legion will be coming to both Europe and North America sometime in summer of 2016.

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