FALLOUT 4 Has a Hidden QA Tester's Room with Every Toy Imaginable

We're all undoubtedly very tired from staying up all night playing Fallout 4. On launch day, the game took over the number one spot on Twitch. Not a small feat, considering it had to beat out the ever-looming League of Legends for that coveted featured slot. Well, a few hardcore geeks discovered a console command on the PC version of the game that lets you explore a secret town square the developers left behind. The area was clearly designed so testers could play around with all the features in the game, as the console command suggests it was used for "smoke testing", meaning a broad stroke test of the game's key features. The town square holds every single suit of Power Armor, all the different types of crafting and upgrade stations, and bins bursting at the seams with every weapon and crafting item in the game. While I don't want to spoil the surprise of finding these goodies in the world organically, it is cool to know this is here when I just want to dick around with all the cool stuff in the game 80-hours from now.

You can access the space yourself by using console command: coc qasmoke

Source: IGN

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