Fan Made LEGEND OF ZELDA Maker Has Impressive Features

We here at the GameTyrant headquarters have had a great deal of fun in building maps using Super Mario Maker to share with one another, and by fun I mean friendship shattering rage and frustration. But with the release of the officially licensed map builder from Nintendo, one can't help but wonder if they'll branch out to more of their first-party titles that way. While the addition of map makers and world builders are nothing new, building a game around nothing but user generated worlds is certainly ground breaking for console gamers.

One indie programmer hopes to jump on the need for more Nintendo nostalgia fueled level building. Dream Mix Games has released a playable alpha of their Legend of Zelda Maker. Obviously this is far from an officially licensed title from Nintendo, which means it is most likely just a matter of time before the project gets shut down. But maybe it will show the powers that be there is a desire for more games like Super Mario Maker! Maybe one day we will have an actually licensed version of the software, or a fully fledged Mega Man Maker that we all so desperately want. Until then, give the alpha a spin while you still can.

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