LAST IMPACT Is An All-New Fan-Made Expansion To Super Mario 64

Back in 2010 Kaze Emanuar posted on his YouTube account that he was working on developing a Super Mario 64 ROM hack, which he dubbed SM64: Last Impact, and had the single goal of being bigger than the original and feature a total of about 130 stars. At the time Emanuar had no release date in mind in order to avoid compromising the quality of his finished product. Fast forward to 2016 and about 4000 hours of work later and the project has finally come to completion.

According to Emanuar the game features 130 power stars so that's 10 more than the original, 12 power-ups which include a couple of classics like the frog suit and more modern ones like the bee mushroom, as well as an ensemble of new bosses, and a variety of fully developed new levels. This guy put a lot of effort into this mod, as Last Impact even has an original soundtrack and comes with a download and installation tutorial. Here's the release trailer for the game:

If you're interested in downloading this game and would like to see for yourself if Emanuar succeeded in adding something substantial to this already classic masterpiece you can do so for free here. Either way, props to him for having the dedication to bring his passion project to fruition. 

Alternate download links are available in the video's description on YouTube. Let us know in the comments what you think!

Thanks to Kotaku for the heads up.