Fan Made STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT Game On Steam Gets Shut Down

Remember those guys who were making a fan made Star Wars Battlefront game that looked better than the current EA Star Wars Battlefront? If not I'm sure you know how this one goes. Polygon reports that Lucasfilm has finally stepped in and given the copyright notice to the developers of the game and asked they remove the Star Wars related assets from the game.

The good news is that the game itself can live on as a spiritual successor with its new name Galaxy In Turmoil. While the Star Wars characters will no longer be present in the game, developer Tony Romanelli says that the rest of the game elements were created in-house...

"Regardless of what some have said, all of our code, sounds and many other non-Star Wars assets have been created in-house, which means they are indeed owned by us...Our game will still have massive 64-player battles, ground-to-space combat, destructible capital ships, and a full single-player campaign. We will also still be releasing Galaxy in Turmoil on Steam as planned and it will remain a free game."

What's interesting is that Lucasfilm actually approached EA and asked them if they wished to license the game and include it as part of their catalog and they declined.

At the end of the day I guess we should be happy the game isn't being shut down completely! At least we'll finally be getting a Star Wars Battlefront we want...even if the name isn't there.