GeekTyrant reader Lewis Boadle sent us this cool Star Wars flash simulator game he created called Death Star Attack. This is a fan-made game that took Boadle six months to create. He calls it an "unofficial labor of love."

The attack on the Death Star in Star Wars during the Battle of Yavin is one of the most iconic movie battles ever for me, and it's always fun to relive while watching the movie, or to be a part of in the video games that have included it over the years. 

Re-live the thrilling conclusion of the Battle of Yavin as you attack THE DEATH STAR! Take on waves of deadly Tie Fighters! Do you have the focus to recreate Luke Skywalker’s heroic Proton Torpedo skill-shot, and make your mark as an ACE REBEL PILOT?

We've seen a lot of Star Wars fan films and fan art over the years, but it's rare to see a fan-made game like this, which is why I had to post it here on the site. You can watch a video showing what the game looks like below, but if you actually want to play it CLICK HERE. A big thanks to Boadle for sending this in to us!

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