Fantasy Board Game SET A WATCH Available For Purchase

Board games are performing well on Kickstarter, and Set A Watch is another success that has transitioned from concept to polished product. The cooperative puzzle game is set in a fantasy world where evil acolytes threaten the safety of the realm. Darkness could swallow you whole if the Unhallowed were to escape from the seals that bind it.

The game supports 1-4 players as they move through locations on the way toward the evil creatures that seek to summon doom and eternal darkness. Each night, players will have to defend their camp from an onslaught of deadly foes. One player will rest at camp while the others use their abilities and their dice to thwart the attack. The creatures will advance in the order of the cards pulled from the deck, so manipulating the position of the enemies and coordinating the use of your characters’ abilities will be important to achieving victory and safeguarding your campsite.

Set A Watch is available for purchase now, so gather your friends together and stave off the end of the world.

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