Father Builds A Functional OVERWATCH D.Va Mech For Daughter to Cosplay

Now isn't this just something special? Mike Carambat, A.K.A Reddit user retroresource, has been working on the gem since January, slowly building the mechanised D.Va cosplay suit until recent completion. He has also posted Video 1 and Video 2 on Facebook which showcases the Mech in movement, with thrusters blowing out smoke and there are even some strobe lights. Here is one of the videos:

The suit will be on display at Mechacon in NOLA this weekend and Dragoncon in Atlanta in September. Carambat is apparently a massive Overwatch fan, but I guess he really didn't even need to state it. At cosplays, we usually just get dresses, suits and make-up, but this time he went all the way for his daughter.

I really wish I could attend these shows just to see this mech in action, but I am sure plenty of images and videos will be doing their rounds when they do. If you happen to be attending and catch a few shots, let us know. Maybe we will even feature them for you here on GameTyrant.

Source: KOTAKU




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