FELL SEAL: ARBITER’S MARK Releases on Switch


The highly regarded RPG from 6 Eyes Studio makes its way to the Nintendo console in less than a week. Switch owners will soon be able to experience Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark, the turn-based strategy game that mirrors the beauty and joy of Final Fantasy Tactics and other historic titles in the genre.

Prior to the release of Fell Seal, 6 Eyes Studio wasn’t a name that many people recognized, but that will never be an issue for the developer again as they’ve created a well-received and exciting game that has rekindled the love that so many gamers had for the genre. The story and the fighting take center stage in this release, and we’re pumped that it’s coming to the Switch at long last.

Even though it reflects the richness of the past with the games that it honors, Fell Seal doesn’t look or play like an old game. They’ve channeled the legacy of the turn-based RPG and the strengths of the game’s forebears and have brought it into the modern age of gaming. It’s a noteworthy release that gamers everywhere will be able to enjoy.

Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark is already out on the other consoles and PC, and it debuts on the Nintendo Switch on August 14th.