Fight Homelessness By Playing Games With HAPPY HOUSING

The fight against homelessness has taken another step towards being solved with a new Canadian program called Happy Housing! This wonderful program is a gamer fueled funding with all (100%) proceeds going to donations aimed to help the homeless.

While the program is still only in Canada, and backed by the Canadian government to have the program ran nationwide, but they are hoping to raise awareness of what they are doing and expand to more countries! It’s an amazing set up with an awesome goal that simply playing some free games can help raise some money for!

When I spoke with Richard Wilson, co-founder of the Happy Housing program, I asked him a couple questions that he answered with incredible detail. I hope to see this system flourish and grow to be much bigger than it is now so that we, as gamers, can make an impact on society.

Couple Questions for Co-Founder Wilson

What made you want to start Happy Housing?

“I work at a charity and we have someone who works with the homeless here and they gave me what was going on with the homeless in our city. Found out that there isn’t a lot of funding for housing the homeless and there are only so many homeless shelters being built. I had made a few games that hadn’t been published yet and thought, ‘Why don’t we use this for something good?’ People tend to be skeptic about the program once they find out that I do this for free and receive no profit from it, but to put it simply, I don’t need the money and I have been homeless myself before. I started doing the program to fight homelessness in my hometown and ended up contacting people from the government to help make it something done nationwide.”

What aspect do you like the most?

“It’s great that this is a way to build funds for a good cause without asking for donations from people. All the funding comes from the revenue, just like most free-to-play games, and all the revenue goes in to help fund the cause.”

Here’s the Happy Housing Ad

To see the games available that are associated with the program and if you want to know more, you can check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Wordpress and Blogspot.