FIGHT OF GODS Is Holding A Tournament, And They’re Giving A Crown Of Thorns To Winners


Since it's beginning, Fight Of Gods has seemed to cause controversy with its representation of popular religious deities fighting for glory against each other. This weekend, at Revolution 2017, the fighting game is bound to cause some more controversy as they're planning to give away these crowns of thorns and cross trophy to the winners of their competitive event:


At this point, I think the game is actively trolling to get religious advocacy groups to push the game into the mainstream because they have to know this is a terrible idea. Despite that, the news of the Malaysian government blocking Steam because of this game sent what was originally described as a clunky mediocre fighting game into the overwhelmingly positive review section due to people being upset with the country. 

I haven't played the game personally, so I can't make a judgment one way or the other, but I can share this gameplay video and let folks decide for themselves. 

Source: Kotaku