FINAL FANTASY EXPLORERS - Job System Details & Collectors Edition Announced

Final Fantasy Explorers is inching closer to release, and now we have a bit more information on the job classes shipping with the game. All the expected ones are here, and they adhere pretty closely with what you'd expect. The exception here is the Blue Mage, whose abilities are predicated upon what skills he absorbs from enemies, giving the player a blank canvas in a way. The Blue Mage and the Samurai were DLC in Japan, but are included with the North American game out of the box.

As for designs, again it consists of mostly traditional fare. I do love the on the nose-ness of the Time Mage, and the Thief and Bard stand out. I am still trying to figure out how the Beast Master's pants work though (are they actually connected to anything?). You can see what's in the collectors edition below, as well as the full list of available Jobs.

Final Fantasy Explorers releases for the 3DS on January 26th, 2016

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