FINAL FANTASY Music Playing In Japanese Subways for 30th Anniversary


Tons of celebrations are breaking out over Japan like a musical virus for the 30th Anniversary of Final Fantasy. One such fun activity includes the victory fanfare and main theme being jingled in main substations such as the Yokohama subway station. 

Square Enix has appeared to have gone all out to ensure that Japan celebrates in style. The music will be played until 7 July 2017 when the celebrations come to an end, so if you live in Tokyo or are visiting you still have time to pay the substations a visit and get jiggy with it if you wish.

Final Fantasy has had so many up and downs since it started, but will always be remembered for its countless hours of gameplay, the combat systems and the complex character level ups. I fell inlove with the series when I first played Final Fantasy VII in 1998 on the PlayStation One, but lost interest with and after Final Fantasy X. I've seen others play the ones thereafter and sighed in happiness that any form of addiction to the franchise was officially gone.

I actually decided to give Final Fantasy HD a try on my PSVita a few months ago, feeling maybe I did the series an injustice by dropping it so quickly. An hour into the game, being taught the fighting and selections and leveling, and I switched it off in boredom. I guess I just prefer the real-time RPG elements of Elder Scrolls to that.

Are you a Final Fantasy die-hard fan? Would you fly to Tokyo just to hear the joyful jingles playing in the substations? Let us know.

Source: Destructoid

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