FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE May Be Released Before 2023

During a conversation between producer Yoshinori Kitase, development lead Naomi Hamaguchi, and Square Enix’s Tetsuya Nomura, they confirmed a release window for the upcoming remake of Final Fantasy VII. The target of Square Enix is to release the game on or before the 35th anniversary of the series, which would occur in the year 2023. So, fans who are eagerly anticipating Final Fantasy VII remake should expect a release within that year, or so they say. 

The news comes from the Final Fantasy 30th anniversary exhibition that happened recently in Japan. A panel between the three key people mentioned above was part of the show, and it is there where they discussed the release window for Final Fantasy VII. Of course, Hamaguchi also told the audience that the 2023 release window might not be a firm date, but at least fans have a timeline on when they can expect the remake of the game. 

Square Enix’s intentions to remake the beloved classic was initially unveiled during PlayStation’s E3 presentation back in 2015. For several years now, fans of Final Fantasy dreamt of someday having a remake of the seventh game in the series. Final Fantasy VII became an iconic classic that sold millions of copies back in 1997 thanks to its beloved characters. Furthermore, the game also pushed technological boundaries that made it an innovative game, as it became the first Final Fantasy game to use 3D polygons instead of two-dimensional sprites. 

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