FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Will Release On 2 Blu-Ray Disks?!


During the Square Enix conference director Tetsuya Nomura presented a new teaser for Final Fantasy VII Remake before discussing what remaking the game meant for the team. During this moment Nomura mentioned that the game will ship with 2 Blu-Rays worth of content! Gameplay was also finally revealed in its new action oriented fashion. Every button press will unleash a normal attack that will deal light damage to enemies. as you land more attacks an ATB gauge will be filled allowing for a time slowing special attack! As enemies take damage they can also be stunned allowing for bonus damage to occur during these moments. You will also be able to switch characters during battle allowing you to use different tactics when the situation calls for it. I am not sure how well this new system will go for FFVII Purists, but I am really stoked by the more actiony approach and love what was showcased! Final Fantasy VII Remake will be launching on March 3, 2020 with new special and limited editions being revealed!