FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE's Timed Exclusivity Called Into Question By Xbox Germany Flub.


It looks like Final Fantasy VII Remake could be coming to Xbox One sooner than anticipated if a new video posted to Facebook from the German Xbox account is to be believed. The posting, which has since been deleted, featured the game with a March 3, 2020 release date which is the same date given for the PS4 launch. Ever since the game has been announced it has been marketed as a timed exclusive with a “play it first on PS4” tagline. After resurfacing in the last few months this tagline has been suspiciously missing leaving the games exclusivity murky and undefined. With this new error perhaps we are seeing the the game will have no exclusive periods at all?


Final Fantasy VII Remake is a huge re-imagining of the original classic. The game is still planned to be shipped in multiple parts with the first part being large enough to fit onto 2 Blu-Ray disks! I had the opportunity to go hands on with the game at E3 2019 and walked away very impressed with the new combat and over-world systems. IF this rumor turns out to be true it will be the first time a “classic” Final Fantasy remake will be available on the Xbox One as PS4. PS4 has usually held a year or so timed exclusivity period before the titles have come to PC or competing consoles. Again no official confirmations have yet to be given so take the above screenshot with a grain of salt.

Would you be excited for Final Fantasy VII Remake to be available on the Xbox One the same day as PS4? Let us know below!