Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV development team has posted a new trailer for their upcoming free DLC...and it’s Assassin’s Creed themed!  

Here is what Ubisoft has to say about the new content for Final Fantasy XV:

“The town of Lestallum will transform itself for the event with signs and banners signaling the arrival of the festival, and new activities will be available for players to participate in. It doesn’t end there. The Assassin’s Festival will have some additional themed items and features, including another outfit from Assassin’s Creed, along with abilities that enable Noctis to explore more like an Assassin and even use some of the Assassins’ more well-known abilities.”

The Assassin’s Festival in will be available to everyone August 31st, with a special gift on August 30th for those who participated in the previous Moogle Chocobo Carnival Event.

The collaboration between the two developers is, I think, some great fan service for players of both games.  Looking at the teaser poster for the collaboration, we can see that Bayek from Assassin’s Creed Origins has some sweet looking Final Fantasy Gear, Chocobos running if front of the pyramids, and a Behemoth in the background.  

FFXV ACO Collaboration.jpg

What could all of this mean?  We’ll have to wait and see when Assassin’s Creed Origins drops on October 27th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.  What would you like to see from this collaboration?

Source: Ubisoft

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