FINAL FANTASY XV POCKET EDITION Launch Date Announced For February 9th


We saw the first trailer for the Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition for your mobile devices only months ago and now we have a definite launch date! Featuring the same story and adventure in the form of a group of chibi characters is the mobile FFXV that will allow players to venture through the games entirety while on-the-go.

Our original impression of FFXV was through a demo that was available over two years ago and the game is still an amazing title in the series. Featuring so many things from Chocobo races to Assassin's Creed themed DLC, it brings to question how much of the game will really be available from your phone or tablet? They obviously took the extra measure to lessen the graphical value of the game in order to get it playable on a mobile device, but what other corners needed to be cut?

There will obviously only be the base game elements, so don't be expecting DLC right off the bat, if at all. With a game that is 15+ hours of an adventure to get through, even just putting the base game on there, in full, seems like an impractical feat, but we have come a long way in mobile gaming. The thing I am concerned about though is the fact that there are other games that are "porting" over to be mobile, but really they are almost entirely different games with similarities.


Either way, it is pretty exciting to see such a well received and phenomenal title getting the option to be available on your phones and tablets at all. I am looking forward to see how the game plays and just how much of the adventure we will truly get to experience. Not to mention, with all the characters in a chibi form the Chocobo's must have the same graphical change which I think is going to make them look cute.

Are you excited to see Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition coming in just over a week or are you too skeptical to give it a shot without reading a few reviews first?