Firaxis Games Live Streamed Clouds for 24 Hours?!

That’s right you heard me Firaxis Games, the company behind the popular Civilization series, live streamed clouds for 24 hours! Now there was more to see here than just clouds. The simulation would eventually transform into a powerful thunder storm and culminate into a tornado! In the last couple hours of the stream a mysterious countdown appeared and once it hit 0:00 the purpose of the whole stream was revealed. A trailer for the newest expansion to Civilization VI began to play showcasing how weather would become a defining feature of the long running series.


Following the trailer for Civilization VI: Gathering Storm, the stream concluded with an hour long developer interview, with gameplay, to highlight many of the changes coming in the new expansion. Global warming is going to be a key mechanic with player actions dictating how much warmer the planet will get during play. Rely to heavily on coal or oil over renewable sources and you will draw ire from other civilizations. Players will also need to be more aware of where the settle as rivers will now flood and potentially destroy your cities. Volcanoes have also been added to the game along with storms and droughts. I think one of my favorite touches that Firaxis showcased was when you play as Russia your units will be immune to blizzards while enemy units will succumb to its cold bite. Civilization VI: Gathering Storm will be launching February 14, 2019 on PC.