FIREWATCH Review Bombings Cause STEAM To Create Review Histograms


Yesterday we told you about how Firewatch's review score dropped suddenly due to a racist slur in one of PewDiePie's videos. Well, Valve have decided that Steam will not play host to review bombings anymore. Ok sure, these bombings can't be stopped, but the overall picture can be revealed.

In their new updates as listed on Steam today, there will be a new feature whereby all reviews over time by all users will be shown. This means that sudden bad reviews during a short period might not put potential buyers or review aggregators off. Like the recent Firewatch review bombing that sent the game's score plummeting.


I feel this is a move in the right direction. Why should a sudden outrage or attack deaden years of good reviews? Valve have also indicated that more than just Steam reviews will count towards the tally.

One frequent piece of feedback we’ve heard regarding the recent changes is that it has become more difficult to find and read the helpful, articulate reviews written by customers that obtained the game outside of Steam. We want to make sure that helpful reviews can be surfaced regardless of purchase source, so we're making a change to the defaults. Starting today, the review section on each product page will show reviews written by all users, regardless of purchase type. By default you'll now see reviews written by all players of the game, including Steam customers, Kickstarter backers, bundle customers, streamers, and other users that acquired the game outside of Steam.

Do you think this will prevent what happened with Firewatch? Is there anything else you feel they could do? Let us know.





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