First Impressions: INJUSTICE 2 Closed Door Preview

We saw a ton of cool stuff at Warner Bros closed door event for Injustice 2! Unfortunately, we can't show you any of it, but we can talk about it until the cows come home! First off, if you are just reading for my opinion on what I saw, this game is better than Injustice on all fronts, and may be giving Mortal Kombat X a run for its money!

We started off the demo with a match between Batman and Gorilla Grodd, and let me just say Grodd is an absolute beast (and not just literally) and I can imagine a top tier character. He's fast, strong and his psychic ability make you wonder if the game's balance will be affected by how much of a monster he is. It seems like the developers took this into consideration as each player only has access to a limited amount of their "special power" and depending on your equips your power can vary!

These special powers ranged from Batarangs to Atrocitus calling upon Dex-Starr for backup! They weren't kidding when they said this roster was deep. I'm not sure if they were giving us a real or fake faded out roster, but I'm pretty sure I saw The Riddler's silhouette!

It was made very clear that Injustice 2 is about "your fighter". Each fight earns you an equipment drop. These drops are meant to improve your character and help you develop your favorite hero to best fit your playstyle. Love Batman but are terrible at blocking? Get him some bulk armor at the cost of speed. As goofy as some of the costumes seemed, the variants we saw (out of the supposed 1,000s) were amazing. A guy next to me whispered "holy shit" when we saw Superman as "The Red Son".

Graphically the game looks incredible. I noticed the backgrounds were less static this time around and there's a lot more action happening in the background of scenes. The transitional hits make their triumphant return, and the supers are as over the top and epic as ever. My personal favorite was watching Batman riddle Grodd with bullets from the Bat Plane!

For those worried that this game is just a lazy cash in, throw that right out the door. This game looks loaded with references for comic fans and a great platform for lesser heroes to be made known in the mainstream. From what I've seen, I'm buying this one day one, no question.