First Impressions: Suda 51's LET IT DIE Is Gory, Gruesome And Glorious

When I initially heard Suda 51 was bringing his PS4 exclusive game Let It Die to E3 I put it out of my mind that I would have any chance to play it. Imagine my surprise when I walked up and saw little to no queue for it. My guess is because his name isn't plastered all over it, no one knew, because there's no reason this game shouldn't be in the discussion of highlights for E3.

Granted, I'm a Suda 51 fan. It sucks you guys can't hear the audio in the game because it really drives the feel that makes this game feel great....

The easiest way I can describe this game is it's like No More Heroes meets The Condemned. No More Heroes for the general play style and tone, Condemned for visuals and difficulty. If you aren't a fan of watching me make it through the whole thing, skip to the end and catch that crazy ass boss I had to battle. At it's roots, that is what this game is about.

Classic to Suda 51 style the game's gore is over the top, gruesome, and goofy as all get out. In what world does a baseball bat, nail gun, and giant hammer deal more damage than an semi automatic rifle? Suda 51's world.

There are issues, but not issues you haven't seen in his games before. Don't expect fully destructible enviornments or a weapon not to phase through a wall and you'll be fine with what you have.

Overall the game is very similar to his game's he's produced in the past. This means platforming, decent difficulty curve, and bizarre characters that drive the otherwise dark story in a lighter direction. It's an acquired taste, but if you like the flavor this one will be one you should get for PS4.