First Impressions: FINAL FANTASY XV Is Immensely Epic

Final Fantasy XV had an exclusive E3 mission and since I loevd the Platinum demo so much I had to try it out. I was pretty sure I was getting this game prior to playing at E3, and after playing I'm definitely sure!

In the demo (which you can watch me stumble through below) we see Nactis and crew take on a giant, mind controlling Titan. I wish I could say that's why I was taking soo much damage but ,in all honesty, I kept mixing my phase and attack button until midway through the battle.

The sense of scale in this game is incredible and the whole experience runs much more fluid than what people were treated to in the official conference. graphically speaking, this is the best game I've seen at E3.

There's also the "Kingdom Hearts" factor that needs to be addressed. Yes this game plays like Kingdom Hearts, but that's not at all a bad thing! Seeing as we STILL don't have an update on when we'll see the 3rd installment of that game you might as well suck it up and embrace this one as opposed to whining it's not turn based.

Truthfully it doesn't matter all that much that it isn't turn based. You're not going to be able to escape a fight unscathed and the game does a good job of balancing that in it's bigger fights. Your roll dodge is only so effective and there will be times where you'll just get hit with an unblockable attack and I think that makes things a bit more fair for the crowd who feels they are getting robbed of a classic RPG experience.

I felt the weapon exchange was a bit faster since I played the demo. There was no lag between switching on the fly and it felt rewarding landing all those combos whilst switching weapons. One thing I did not care for much was the indicator to block would come way too early causing you to either block too long and get hit or tap the block in confusion and get hit. Eventually I got the timing down but it would've been nice to get a quick note on when I should block when that appears on the screen. Not a huge deal but I feel I had to account for all those hits I took somehow.

You'll notice I didn't die in the demo...I'm positive that's an E3 fail safe to keep things moving and if you want an official count of the times I died I would wager close to 5.

One of the coolest parts of this demo for me is the visual in when you're escaping the Titan. At no point in that sequence was the camera locked, so I thought it was cool that I could swing the camera around as the Titan was coming after me. I also loved the frost forming on all the characters in the cinematic as they were casting Blizzara in the cutscene. It caught me off guard as the guy in front of me wasn't as close to the arm when he did it and that didn't happen to his characters so it's a neat little feature that makes all the difference!

Overall a VERY positive experience for me and it solidified that I'll be getting this game when it comes out this Fall.