FISHING PLANET Announces PS4 Console Launch With Over The Top Epic Trailer

Fishing Planet image.jpg

The least likely genre to have an epic trailer for their game would be the one to have quite the intense announcement trailer! Announcing their upcoming fishing game, Fishing Planet LLC has created one of the most creatively intense trailers I've seen for their next Fishing Planet title. Check it out:

I haven't played a fishing game since the good ole Playstation 1 days and have been fishing in real life multiple times since then, but I would be a liar to say that this trailer didn't make me want to try this game out!

The original Fishing Planet title was free to play on Steam and I am hoping that this title will follow in the same free to play format on its way to the PS4. But, I guess it's true. It's all about attitude and showmanship!

Who else found themselves ready to tackle up and catch some bass after that trailer?