FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S Gets Its Own Animated Series


A game like Five Nights At Freddy's was originally thought to just be a simple game about being a security guard in a jump scare filled horror setting. The more players played the game, the more secrets and details were uncovered. Now, with the sixth and final installment of the FNAF game series launched, we have joined together as a community to uncover the giant story behind the incredibly strange and widely praised series.

With a story as huge as it is and filled with countless variables, it isn't surprising to see that people are making spin offs and videos based on the characters. However, there is an animated short film YouTube team, known as GoldenLane Studio, has finally released the first episode to a FNAF based series which was first advertised two years ago in their trailer.

Without further delay, here is Episode 1 of the FNAF Web Series:

This intense first episode has shown us quite a great deal. You can see the aspect of the family's souls contained in jar-like containers and once released they take over the animatronics. However, it is obviously a spin off from the games and are just using the main plot points of the story to create the story for the series.

The quality of the show matches what is shown in multiple of their FNAF Videos. I just hope that it isn't this quality that will cause a delay in getting the next episodes out for the series. With a two year break between the initial trailer and the first episode, there is plenty reason of concern.

I am interested to see where this story goes and how the animatronics plan to invade the city outside of the infamous Fazbear Restaurant. They are seen outside in multiple other videos from GoldenLane, but none with a reasoning as to how they got to where they are. What did you think of the first episode of the Five Nights At Freddy's web series?