Footage Surfaces For Cancelled ELDER SCROLLS: OBLIVION On PSP

Update: Wow that got nuked quick. Honestly, if you imagine a lower graphical quality on Oblivion and can only fast travel between towns and dungeons you get the picture. No more gameplay but I found another video with screenshots here...

A long time ago before anyone knew PSP would be a flop of sorts for Sony, The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion was on it's way to the system. Neogaf user Borman says wasn't the traditional Elder Scrolls as making a massive game world just wasn't possible on the PSP, but rather fast traveling between HUB worlds similar to those found in the console game.

If you want the full story, the first video is a documentary of sorts chronicling the game's development from announcement to cancelation. If you're just looking for gameplay, videos 2 and 3 should scratch that itch! It's a shame we never saw this one, it looks fun!