For A Limited Time, CALL OF DUTY: WWII Is Getting A Prop Hunt Mode

Starting January 23, Sledgerhammer Games, together with Activision, will be running a community event in Call of Duty: WWII, called The Resistance. This event will include a new Resistance Division, an assortment of free weapons, and the Demolition mode together with double XP playlists. Probably the most exciting feature will be the inclusion of the Prop Hunt mode, which the trailer teased in a subtle way. 

For those unfamiliar with the Prop Hunt mode, it has been a favorite feature in Garry’s Mod and Team Fortress 2 for a few years now. This mode allows players to play hide and seek, where one player will be disguised as an everyday object hidden within the game, and the opposing team will try to hunt down that player. The challenge of the game is that the hunters will have to choose their target carefully since firing their weapons will automatically decrease their health. In the trailer shown, the hiding player is disguised as a bucket. 

The developers of the game hope for players to have fun on this mode, and take a break from traditional mechanics of the game. The only downside is the Prop Hunt mode will only be available on a limited time with the upcoming community event. 

The Resistance event will commence on January 23 and will kick off with Demolition as a limited-time playlist during the first week. Prop Hunt mode will be available on Feb 6-12 and Feb 20-27. This is not the first time for the popular mode to come to the Call of Duty franchise. Back in 2016, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered included the Prop Hunt mode. You can also check out our first impressions for the multiplayer of Call of Duty: WWII here

Who’s participating on the upcoming The Resistance Event? Are you excited for the Prop Hunt mode, and wishes that it will be included permanently for Call of Duty: WWII? Share your thoughts in the comments below.