FOR HONOR Brings Gut Splitting Action With New Trailer

One game that we have not given enough attention to since E3 is Ubisoft's For Honor. The game looks to accomplish what very few games have achieved before it in creating a cohesive hand to hand combat game that feels real and entertaining. Watch the latest trailer and continue reading below...

From what I saw at E3, the game looked solid graphically, although I'm not completely sold on the combat element. It looks like combat has a bit of a learning curve (considering most people I saw playing kept asking how to do certain moves) which is a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it. A game that's too difficult to learn won't have mass appeal or may seem more of a task than fun, or conversely, it could get a super dedicated core of gamers behind it.

Being a big fan of Chivalry, I'm more of the mindset that keeping it simple keeps it fun. Once again I can't confirm or deny that For Honor is more difficult as I still have yet to get my hands on it, but I am curious as to how much of what we see is "too good to be true".

The game is expected to launch Valentines Day of next year.