FOR HONOR Hero Classes Showcased In New Trailers

With the alpha for Ubisoft's For Honor starting September 15th, you should probably start making some decisions on who you want to try out. Selection goes a bit deeper than personal preference of Samurai, Knights, or Vikings however as each type has a "Hero" that you can utilize in battle! Today we see the Kensei, Warden, and Raider which leaves two heroes who have yet to be revealed. 

I'm guessing the reason for the odd number of heroes for each faction indicate that one may be announced for pre-order or perhaps as part of a DLC. Out of what I've seen so far I'm definitely trying out the Raider because he looks like The Hulk with an axe!

I'm still apprehensive as to how this one will play as I saw footage at E3 that made it look a bit slow moving, but who knows. I hope to eat my words here in a couple weeks!