FOR HONOR Steam Reviews Officially Hit "Mostly Negative"

For Honor is getting some scorn from fans on Steam. The past 30 days of reviews have been labeled "Mostly Negative" with around 70% of users giving a negative response to the game. Looking at the most recent reviews, a lot of the complaints revolve around these issues.

  1. Connection timing out constantly and not allowing for a full match.
  2. The amount of Steel (in-game currency) it costs to unlock classes and items.
  3. Poor matchmaking.

The connectivity issue is definitely on a bulk of those reviews, and I can see how that would be frustrating. To get 90% of the way through the match only to be kicked to the main menu and all your progress over x amount of minutes is negated would drive me up the wall. 

The good news is these issues are fixable and Ubisoft can win all these people back provided they fix it in a timely manner. Will they fix it? It's Ubisoft, the same people who let The Division be a dumpster fire for the better part of a year so...

Source: VG247