Forbidden FINAL FANTASY XV 'POWER RANGERS' Invincible Suits Get a New Look

When Square Enix reported earlier this year that there were new muteki (invincible) suits available for download for Final Fantasy XV, the Power Rangers publisher had a field day complaining about how similar the suits were to the Power Rangers suits. If you look at the image and video below of the previous muteki suits, you can see why.

Today a free update for the game was released with a new suit that looks nothing like its Power Ranger counterpart. 

To be honest, I was more impressed with the Power Ranger suits. These colors look rather drab, and they might as well be wall ornaments since they match so nicely. The helmets remind me of those grey aliens that are so famous for landing on our planet unannounced (you know, the ones they keep in Area 51), while there is nothing attractive about the rest of the suit either. But hey, when you're fighting hard ass enemies intent on killing you, there's no time for a fashion show.

What do you think about this new look? Is it something you'd be happy running around in? Does it matter what it looks like, as long as it serves the purpose? Let us know.


Source: KOTAKU