Former NeoGAF Employees Launch A New Website, And They're Gaining Users Quickly


After all the drama that's gone down at NeoGAF over the past few days (you can catch up here) a new website has surfaced that is very similar to its predecessor. Resetera is being run by all the employees who walked out of NeoGAF in response to his sexual harassment claims, and has already gained 7,100 users in its short time online. 

As for NeoGAF, the site is back up and running, although not without controversy. NeoGAF founder Tyler Malka has since issued a statement on the accusations lodged against him, and has begun deleting threads regarding the incident, which has irked several long-time users. Many have voiced that if Malka would've left the threads up and let the drama proceed things would not be as bad as they are now.

That said, it's not as though NeoGAF is hurting. The site still has 195,000+ users and while it's hard to say how many of those are still active following the drama, it's still a far larger number than 7,100. Currently, one of the top threads on the site is titled "I'm Glad Some Cry-Babies Have Left/Self-Banned" which might give folks a good idea of where they're at right now. 

I personally have never been a user of NeoGAF, and only visit when a bit of exclusive news to gaming manages to wind up there. Is there anyone who visits the site that can attest to these changes? Has the site changed for the better or worse following the mod split. Will this whole thing blow over in a couple weeks?

Source: Kotaku