FORTNITE Adds All New Port-A-Fort Grenade To Battle Royale


Looks like Epic Games has a new item that they have added to Fortnite. As they continue to try and add new, unique weapons and items for players to use in the Battle Royale mode, this seems like the perfect tool for the PvE mode. So far, however, the grenade is only in the online PvP Battle Royale mode. Showcasing it as a defensive tool to use when you are in a tight spot, check out the all new Port-A-Fort Grenade trailer:

I have to say that I personally disagree with this item being added into Fortnite. Part of the action and skill of the game is being able to quickly build structures to help you fight or flee your enemies. Having an item provide the entire fort for you is nothing short of getting a cheap upper hand. 

Maybe I'm wrong and the Port-A-Fort Grenade will be viewed as an asset like the launch pad ended up being for players. What do you think of the new item? Is it be a good or bad addition to Fortnite?