FORTNITE's Guided Missiles Are Making A Return


Epic games just revealed that the controversial guided missiles are making a return to Battle Royale mode after it was removed back in April. 

The guided missiles first made an appearance after Fortnite expanded its arsenal of hilarity in March, and players quickly discovered that it was possible for them, to ride the missiles. Of course, given their vast power, the missiles became too much and were removed from the game. 

Now, Epic revealed in Fortnite's latest developer update video that the missiles are making a return to the game. Epic's senior designer Andrew Bains said in the video that:

"When the guided missile first made its way to Battle Royale, we loved all the fun, and crazy moments it provided. But after its release we shared the same concerns as the Fortnite community at large: it's hard to compete against a near-endless barrage of highly effective explosives."

The controversial missiles underwent drastic changes while it was out of the game and will now feature a reduced movement speed, limited turning radius, damage, and damage radius. Moreover, the default ammo cap is now set to 12. Epic's goal in this update is to make missiles a handy "scouting tool" rather than a weapon of mass destruction. 

As of now, there is still no exact date on when these missiles are going to return to Battle Royale, but Bains suggested that they will be part of Fortnite's "next item release." 

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