FORTNITE'S Latest Map Update Showed Something Better Than Just New Battle Grounds


If you haven't already seen the lastest update, the new map set up for Fortnite is pretty awesome. While they have added two new areas, Shifty Shafts and Junk Junction, which will provide more loot and strategy options to players, they updated more than just the size.

The latest map update, which was in celebration of reaching 40 million players with 2 million concurrent players, also brought an update to the graphics. It still maintains the cartoon-like style, but trees have a mix of yellow leaves within their branches, the night and day cycle seems more gradual, among some other small changes that just made the game appear sharper.

If you haven't seen it yet, here's the announcement trailer:

I've always enjoyed running a few rounds in Fortnite myself and am looking forward to checking it the new Shifty Shafts section of the map the most to check out the underground area with the minecart and fire pit, but there was something on the trailer that we only got a glimpse of that caught my attention.

At the very end, they appear to be playing a game of soccer. There was even a small explosion when the soccer ball went into the goal. Is this a new minigame or was that taken place during the actual game? It looked like the usual axe for gathering resources was replaced by a mallet looking tool, which makes me think that it is a minigame that can be accessed outside of usual Battle Royale game mode. Either way, I am looking forward to finding this out myself soon.

Since the update came out on the 18th, have you had a chance to run around on the updated Fortnite map yet? Which of the two new areas do you think look the most interesting to explore?