FORTNITE's Season 4 Brings Way More Than A Meteor Crash Site

With the launch of Season 4 on Fortnite, we have finally found what was going on with the comet that had been flying over the game map for the past few months. Despite all the speculation and deciphering that took place, spreading the belief that the impact would affect Tilted Towers on April 18th, it seems we were wrong about more than just the date of impact. Before going on to talk about season 4 some more, here is the trailer launched for Fortnite's latest update:

Epic Games let the hype of the comet continue up until the official launch if season 4 before revealing that it is Dusty Depot that was destroyed and replaced with a loot-able site within the crater called Dusty Divot. There are also new meteors around the map that can be searched for loot, much like the popular Llama pinatas. While this is a bit surprising, it isn't anything compared to what wasn't announced with a large hype surrounding it.

Currently available now is the "Collect F-O-R-T-N-I-T-E Challenge" which is a map wide collect-a-thon where you can find the letters to spell Fortnite around the map. This is similar to collecting S-K-A-T-E in the classic Tony Hawk Skateboarding games.

Along with this, we can expecting a couple more game modes to be announced throughout the year! This isn't going to be there typical additions like the 50v50, but rather a practice mode to work on your building skills and an Arena mode so you can finally challenge players and teams to a fair 1v1, 2v2, or 4v4 prove-who-is-the-best fight.

With everything coming out this year, the new collect-a-thon challenge, and the meteor strike done, what Fortnite feature are you looking forward to most?