FORZA HORIZON Developer Making An Open World Game That Will Not Feature Racing

One of the team's behind the Forza Horizon series is branching out. GamesIndustry reports that Playground Games has announced they are developing a new open-world game that will have nothing to do with racing. The company has secured a new location and is currently hiring a whopping 18 new people to help with this supposedly ambitious project. 

For the most part, the move seems like a gaming developer not wishing to die once the Forza series does, and have more than one egg in their basket. It's safe to say Playground Games has netted a lot of money having been on the team since Forza Horizon 2, but considering the length of time it takes to develop those games I can imagine they're looking for something to commit to in between the next 6 years it might take to develop Forza Horizon 4

So what is the game going to be about? I have no guesses and the term "open world" can be so broad anymore it's hard to tell exactly what scale or genre the team is aiming for. Then you say the game will have no racing aspect and you really have nothing to go off of. Then again, you do have the majesty and quality of the Forza series as a point of reference and that alone should have you excited as to what Playground Games has in store. We'll keep you updated on if this project turns into anything substantial!